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Controversial Tuesday: Doug Wilson about Female Bishops in the Church of England

27 Nov


I always love how Doug Wilson puts things.  He is funny even when he is serious, you know!!??

Why it matters:  in 1994, England ordained its first group of women priests in the Church of England.  A compromise was arranged between conservatives, who believe God only calls men to pastor, and liberals, who believe God calls women, too.  The compromise involved ordaining women priests who could not then progress onward to become bishops, like men could.

Last month, the issue finally came to the point that the entire Church of England voting body met over the issue of ordaining women as bishops.  The measure was defeated, not by the ordained people but by the laity.

Doug Wilson believes, as I do, that God calls men to pastor.  That does not mean women are inferior, only that we have a different calling (this doctrine is called “complementarianism”).  But Doug Wilson makes the point that becoming a bishop has always been the next logical step after becoming a priest, so if you make a woman the first one, she will want to become the second one, just like a man does.

It would be comparable to having women become teachers in the U.S. but telling them that only men can go on to become principals.  Not a very tenable position.  Ever.

If this is not your cup of tea, skip this controversy.  I find it interesting because I was a member of a C of E church while living in England 25 years ago.

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