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Slippery Slope: How Private Schools and Racial Segregation Can Go Hand-in-Hand

20 Jan

Slippery Slope: How Private Schools and Racial Segregation Can Go Hand-in-Hand

A thoughtful article.

I do have to give a shoutout to my own church and its academy. I haven’t done an exact count, but the academy seems to be approximately 50% non-Caucasian, with students who are black, Asian, and Hispanic all there. And the most popular ethnic group nowadays–those beautiful kids who are of such a mixture of heritages that you couldn’t even classify them if you wanted to do so!

That, my friends, is heaven.

We are advantaged here by having the military as the great integrator. In our area, we host all five military branches. People are comfortable with those of other races because they learn to be comfortable at their government/military jobs.

I suppose a place like Jackson, Tennessee (in the article) isn’t advantaged like we are with a working environment in which people of various races get to know each other well.

But our church also reaches out to all ethnic groups and has a low enough tuition for the private school that it is more easily accessible for members of ethnic groups who might be the first in their family to consider private education. It is a sacrifice for everyone, but it is one that an increasing number of African-American, Asian, and Hispanic parents are choosing at our school . . .


Asking Forgiveness for My Racist Generation . . .

6 Dec

As a newly-minted senior citizen of 55, I have a secret.  Nelson Mandela’s death yesterday brought it to the forefront.

My secret is that I have long been ashamed of some blatantly racist things that my generation, and the one right before mine, did.  Some of these things were done, or taught, in the church.  

There is no excuse for these things.  They must simply be offered up as the atrocities they were, with pleas for forgiveness from those who were wronged by them.  Forgiveness for generational racism.  

First of all, there was the way my home state of Michigan divided itself into black cities and white cities.  In larger cities, where both races were present, there were quadrants of the city reserved for blacks and quadrants of the city reserved for whites.  Never the twain shall meet.

And, if it seems possible to believe this, Michigan and other such racially segregated places managed to lecture the South for its brand of racism, between races that at least interacted, if not always perfectly so. 

I guess it is easy to think you are not racist even while ignoring the existence of an entire race!

Then there was the way we stereotyped members of the black race.  Young men were “angry.”  Older men were “oversexed.”

The media were complicit in this, as was even the FBI during the travesty of following Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. around, hoping to catch him entering a hotel room with a woman who was not his wife.

Oh, he did that.  But the intent was to negate his message and his life’s work by proving that he was an adulterer.  Meanwhile, in the White House, young JFK carried on affairs, even sharing one mistress with a gangster, as the press turned a blind eye.  It was widely regarded as impolite to report on the extramarital dalliances of a sitting president of the United States.  

A double standard maintained the stereotype of the “oversexed” black man while ignoring the antics of white leaders who did the same things some black leaders did. 

It was a racist time for which there is no excuse.

Then there was the rotten theology.  Some church leaders of the time taught that when Noah’s son Ham sinned against his father, he brought a curse on the black race and on the continent of Africa.  A curse that would never end and for which atonement could not be made.  Even Christ’s.  

Oddly, these “theologians” never noticed that the curse was directed to Ham’s son, Canaan, and resulted in the command for the Israelites to war against the land of Canaan many generations later.  That curse was utterly contained within the Old Testament.  In fact, no Old Testament curse survived into the New Testament because the New Testament began with Christ redeeming the human race from every possible curse that it had accrued.   

And then there was the presentation of our future state in heaven as a white bread sort of place where we all sit on clouds and strum harps for all eternity, all looking like clones of each other. White clones.   

The Book of Revelation and other Scriptures teaching about heaven don’t teach that.  They teach that the diversity of the human race, the wealth of the nations from history, will be present in eternity, too.

And that is very important because the implication in this bad teaching about heaven was that we would all be white there because . . . well, who wouldn’t want to be white?  That was supposed to be the aspiration of every other race on earth–to become white. 

Yes, we had some very racist theology going on in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

I won’t give the atheist gang a pass though–they drew their neanderthals and other supposed early versions of man with black skin.  As though anyone could know what color of skin a skeleton had (and I realize the use of the word “skeleton” isn’t accurate either, when talking about neanderthals and supposed early versions of man).    

There was much ignorance about race back in the early days of my life, but there was much willingness to believe these lies, too.  

I made my first black friend at age 14.  An incredibly brave girl who was an only child enrolled in our all white district just because . . . her parents had bought a home near mine.  She became a fast friend of mine who is still in touch with me to this day.  

Bathsheba Darlene Love, I repent for the collective stupidity and cruelty of my generation toward you and others of your race.  

You loved and forgave and grew right alongside me.  

From you I learned much about racial reconciliation.  

Thank you!  And thank You, Lord!!! 


A Frank Discussion on Race, “You Go First” (Part II)

15 Jul

A Frank Discussion on Race, “You Go First” (Part II)

Quick, tell me who struck the first blow, Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman.

If you gave me either of those names, you just showed me you are capable of selective hearing and selective judgment.

In truth, only two people ever knew the answer to that question. One of them is now dead.

All of the eyewitnesses to their altercation came out of their houses after the fighting ensued. So none of them saw the first blow being struck.

It is amazing to hear the rumors being put forth from both sides to justify their belief in a given outcome to the trial of George Zimmerman. Most of those rumors are not verifiable because they concern events that no one could have observed.

No one, including the person putting forth the rumor!

Given the lack of data, the jury did the only thing they could do. They acquitted George Zimmerman.

In the U.S., we do that. If there is reasonable doubt, we err on the side of possibly letting a guilty person walk free, rather than erring on the side of possibly incarcerating an innocent man. It is the American way.

Still, this case is heartbreaking, no matter how it is portrayed. One young man is dead; another young man will be a marked man for the rest of his life.

Two families have been changed forever.

The reason I am writing about this twice in one day is because I see the inflammatory remarks on both sides and understand that we need to have some voices of wisdom out there telling everyone to calm down.

My first post concerned the role of the church in getting the dialogue on race going (finally) instead of everyone waiting for someone else to start it. That is why we call it Christian leadership, folks!

Now my caution is to those on both sides who are stirring others up with calls for revenge. Revenge, once unleashed, is a bottomless pit.

If a black person kills a white person to avenge Trayvon Martin, that will never satisfy him. He could kill 50 white people and still feel just as much anger, if not more.

If a white person kills a black person because he has heard the racebaiters saying that black people are out to get him, he won’t stop with one person. That is the problem with the taste of blood. You get it in your mouth and you become a different person forever.

Meanwhile, people who should know better are throwing gasoline, and matches, on this fire. It is a fire that could consume a large number of our country’s young people this summer.

Don’t do that. Do not repost articles calling for avenging the death of Trayvon Martin. Do not repost conspiracy articles that say whites must take the streets back.

All of that is a recipe for disaster. We can’t bring people back after they die in a flood of overly wrought emotion.

Some of the older folks, like folks my age, who are publicizing the threats of violence being made by younger folks are going to be just as guilty as they are if violence erupts.

The Scriptures talked about loving our enemies. More than that, the Scriptures demonstrated turning enemies into friends.

That is where the racial dialogue in this country needs to head.

To the realization that God made us all in His image and we must honor that image in each other.

Amen and amen.

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