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I Am Cured!!!!!

21 Dec


Today was my five year follow-up mammogram and surgeon appointment, four days before Christmas!

To say I was a little scared would be quite an understatement. Now on Christmas vacation, I spent the morning before the appointment sleeping in late and goofing off, trying not to think.

At the appointed time, I walked into the women’s facility, next to Sentara Leigh Hospital. I knew the stakes. If my mammogram was clear, I would be pronounced cured of the breast cancer that was diagnosed in early 2008. If not, it would feel like getting so close to freedom only to see it slip away . . .

I reminded myself that God is always good and loving, no matter what.

I carefully watched the tech’s face as she looked at my computer images. No signs of concern. I have learned to read those faces over the last five years . . .

She had me wait while the professional radiologist read out the images. Then stepped out to say that they concurred that I was clear of any suspicious areas!!!

Next I met the surgeon, across the hall. Sweet, Christian Dr. Boustany entered the room and nearly hit the deck with his jaw as it dropped. “Have you lost some weight, my friend?”

I told him, “As of last week, 100 pounds since this time last year.”

Then we laughed and laughed, as he congratulated me on being skinny and cured!!!!!!

The best Christmas gift ever!

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