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Things to Say When You Suspect you Might be Hearing Gossip!

27 Feb

Things to Say When You Suspect you Might be Hearing Gossip!

Do we really want to stop gossip in our local church?  Do we realize that gossip/dissension/accusation are Satan’s way of dividing the local church?  Do we understand that gossiping, or being passive when we should be active against gossip in others, plays right into Satan’s hands?

I have never been part of a church that collapsed and had to shut its doors, but I have been in several situations where there were people openly trying to bring down a pastor’s ministry.  I don’t know if they thought enough ahead to realize that there might be a power vacuum after that.  Or that the power vacuum could implode the whole church so that it ceased to exist.

Just on a sheerly practical level, what do you do with a multimillion dollar building when everyone who once gave to build it has moved on except for a handful of people?  If nothing else, once your tithes and labor have gone into constructing a church, why would you then turn around and labor at tearing down everything for which it stood?

These are questions to which I can find no valid answer.  Maybe there isn’t one.  Maybe our pride blinds us enough to the possible consequences of gossiping and/or dividing a church that no one has ever really thought through logically to ending with that empty church building that must be sold.

We should think through to that.

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