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The Hipsters, who Distance from the Fundies, Review Ken Ham through their Lens of Christianity

5 Feb

The Hipsters, who Distance from the Fundies, Review Ken Ham through their Lens of Christianity

Disclaimer: not all young Christians are hipsters and not all hipster Christians spend their time acting like they would like to hide the fundamentalist folks in Christianity in a broom closet, along with their hardworking old grandmother who makes them feel ashamed in front of their friends by her terminal lack of coolness.

But there are enough young hipsters like that in Christianity to be ironic.

Ironic because they denounce fundamentalists for hating them and trying to make them go away.

They denounce us while using these same tactics against us.

Enough already. Mom here! I don’t care who started it. Let’s just stop it. We are all part of the same Christian camp.

The above post doesn’t address many things theologically.

If you want to be a hipster Christian and defend marriage as being other than Christ defined it (one man, one woman, for life), then show me where the moral authority comes from to do that.

If you want to believe in theistic evolution, explain to me theologically how death came along before Adam and Eve fell.

If you want to reconcile a world that is millions of years old with a Saviour who was born of a virgin, explain to me how a God who wasn’t capable of creating an old universe in the Old Testament (with starlight already in progress, since stars that we can see are millions of light years from earth) suddenly became capable of creating a virgin birth in the New Testament.

There are lots of things that need to be addressed theologically by the above post. They were not even attempted. The writer merely did some terminally cool posturing. I throw a flag on his play.

And just sneering at fundamentalists does not count as a logical argument. In fact, that is called an ad hominem argument, for anyone who is truly looking to learn the fair rules of debate.

Just sayin’


Following Jesus or the Latest Hipster Pastor . . .

22 Jan

Following Jesus or the Latest Hipster Pastor . . .

This is a compelling piece for all of us.  Are we being the person God created us to be or running off the image, buzz, and energy of another created person?


Are We Pursuing Jesus or Throwing around Hipster Words?

14 Oct

Are We Pursuing Jesus or Throwing around Hipster Words?

I’ll be honest. Many of the people I meet who have supposedly been “freed” from fundamentalism (of the Protestant variety) are at least as judgmental as the people from whom they fled.

I hear a lot of talk about the love of Jesus–how Jesus looks on the heart. But these folks have often gone from being in a church that looks down on those who don’t wear suits to being in a church that looks down on those who don’t wear jeans. Big difference, huh?

Or they talk about grace and define it as grace that God extends to . . . wait for it . . . the people these folks personally like and find deserving of grace. Ummmm, wasn’t the whole point of grace that we don’t deserve it, none of us?

So as long as people are talking about leaving fundamentalism for some supposedly superior concept and then are setting up their churches to be every bit as judgmental as the ones they left, I am not buying the idea that there are any new movements out there that have not already been with us for the past 2000 years.

Sure, people and churches wax and wane in their love of Christ and of others. I think all of them do. And that is precisely the point.

We live and work among fallen people. Good thing, because we ourselves are fallen (that would be me!).

See Romans 7. Any questions?

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