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Striking at Syria!

31 Aug

I think my new favorite question is:  Just what would you like me/us to do?

There are many sad situations in this world.  Our hearts grieve as we see them.  

But there is a diabolical heresy out there that, just because you are the person/nation with the most resources in a situation, you owe everyone your help.

Sometimes people even think you should go beyond offering help and force help on people.  

This is all the result of us not learning proper boundaries.  Sometimes, in a fallen world, choices backfire.  But we have become a world of professional rescuers, often rushing in unbidden to save people from themselves when they have not solicited our help.  

Syria is one such example.  Yes, the rebels have asked for our help several times along the way but . . . 

Syria is a sovereign nation.  If we throw our lot in with the rebels, we are deciding for regime change in a sovereign nation.  Do we really want to do that?

I am old enough to remember a few times that didn’t work out particularly well.  We sided with the Shah of Iran, we sided with Battista in Cuba, we sided with the Contras in Nicaragua, we sided with Mubarak in Egypt . . .

Any regime can turn murderous.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely, remember?  It doesn’t matter if it is Islamist power, fundamental Christian power, power among secularists, or power in a police state.  Give people unlimited power over other people and see what eventually happens.  

We are naive when we believe that forcing an imbalance of power in a country can solve anything long term.  And when things explode, the U.S. gets blamed. 

So . . . should we go in unilaterally and bomb Syria because they deployed chemical weapons against their own populace?  Should we do it without even consulting our own Congress under the war powers acts?

Heavens no.

Just because we have weapons that could inflict extensive damage on Syria from a good standoff distance does not mean it is wise to do it.  

How did this become the U.S.’s issue?  It is an outrage that chemical weapons have been deployed in Syria.  But it is an outrage for the U.N.  

If we take this on, unilaterally, we neuter the U.N.  Let them do their job.

To will make an analogy to a family situation I observed last night.  Someone publicly upbraided a pastor for not disciplining a man for unfaithfulness to his wife . . . after the family had dropped their church membership in this pastor’s church.  


Where would this pastor get his authority to do anything in a home that did not choose to be affiliated with his church?  

Yet, such is our boundarylessness in the modern era that a daughter of this family was publicly slandering the pastor on Facebook for not forcing her father to stop his evil actions.  

Again, I ask my question:  Just what would you like him/us/me to do?

It is heartbreaking to be a familymember when unfaithfulness in a marriage rears its ugly head.  But the only people empowered to help are people the family has accepted into its circle.  Their former pastor doesn’t qualify. 

Let’s find the appropriate people/nations/entities to involve in our difficulties.  

There are many sad situations in this world requiring assistance.  But we need to find someone who is actually involved in the situation before demanding that actions be taken.

Go, U.N.!  

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