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Leaving Weight Watcher Points on the Table on Thanksgiving Day!

29 Nov

Yesterday my husband and I tried an experiment on Thanksgiving Day.  Since we are both in Weight Watchers, me as a lifetime member (for almost a year now) and him as a 20-pounds-lighter version of himself, we decided to try to do a Thanksgiving meal centered on low points fruits and veggies, with turkey available, but not the central actor in the drama!

Our son is away at college and Noel, my husband, just had eye surgery so we were home with just the two of us.  We agreed that this meal, minus dinner rolls and pie, was just what we wanted.

I began our day with a serving of real Irish oatmeal, cooked in 1% milk.

I then started cooking up a storm.  I began with a recipe a friend of mine, Ruth Brown Peters, had shared on our local Weight Watchers website.  There are several ways to do this, but the idea is to make a zero point dessert by cooking apples in the crockpot all day with water, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.  I think I threw some ginger in there eventually, too.

Oooooo-la-la!  That dish tasted exquisite by the time it was done.  The cloves seemed to have absorbed into the apples so they tasted as though every slice had a clove inside! They tasted like a solid version of apple cider.  They tasted like a crustless apple pie. They were one of the best desserts I have ever had and . . . they were zero points.

As I cooked our boneless turkey with just olive oil and thyme, I put in sweet potatoes to roast, with the skins on (we eat them that way).

I cooked our fresh green beans in garlic and the minimal amount of olive oil necessary to stir fry them.

I steamed a cauliflower to mix into our mashed potatoes, which were red-skinned potatoes that I boiled, mostly with the jackets still on them.  After mashing and mixing the cauliflower and potatoes, I added thyme, some chives, 1% milk, and olive oil in place of butter. They were delicious this way.

I made a cornbread stuffing with real cornmeal–I didn’t have a few ingredients that my recipe required, so I improvised a bit this time.  I will try the allrecipes.com recipe again at a later date and do it right!!!  What I made was pretty good, though.  

I finished by mixing up a salad with nuts and light raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  I also made up a fruit salad of all of our leftover fresh fruit and a can of pineapple in its own juices.

I ended up spending 21 Weight Watcher points on my Thanksgiving meal, which was spread out over both the noon and the evening meal timeframes. Our oatmeal had been 7 points. I get 34 Weight Watcher points for my lifetime daily allowance, so I actually ate a packet of processed Slim Fast snack food we had lying around just so I could get three additional points. Even then, I left three points on the table for the day, as well as the four exercise points we picked up with our afternoon walk. It can be done. We actually aren’t supposed to leave Weight Watcher points on the table and I seldom do it, but we proved it can be done on Thanksgiving!!! Delicious!

P.S. At our Saturday weigh-in this week, I had lost two pounds and my husband had lost more than three. That is not something I seek, as a lifetime member, and, in fact, there has not been a week in the past year when I have lost two pounds. But that does make our point that Thanksgiving can be deliciously centered on fruits and veggies and people can lose weight as they feast on low calorie goodies. Just in case anyone wants to know!!! Easter, anyone?

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