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Forgiving the Sins of our Fathers . . .

7 May

Forgiving the Sins of our Fathers . . .

This is why we forgive, according to Jesus.


Stagecoach: When a Woman of Bad Repute Finds God’s Love

4 Feb

When a Woman of Bad Repute Finds the Love of God

The other night I saw the movie Stagecoach for the first time. It was not only an action Western that served as the vehicle conveying a young John Wayne to stardom. It was also a complex character study of a cast of diverse people who end up sharing a stagecoach west through dangerous Apache country.

Writers and directors can do lots of wonderful things when they throw together diverse people who would not normally meet. This has been done in lots of movies (Bus Stop, Key Largo, etc.).

In this particular movie, John Wayne is Ringo Kid, a prisoner who has escaped but who has a heart of gold. He was imprisoned for being in the midst of a blood feud between two families. He has a year or so to go on his sentence and willingly goes back with the marshall who is on the stagecoach . . .

Meanwhile, he falls in love with a woman of ill repute who is on the stagecoach. His love, in a Hollywood way that comes very close to presenting Christ’s redemptive love, turns her around and makes her a woman who will be a good wife for him when his sentence is finished.

As the above blog post shows, when a sinner collides with the love of God, freedom ensues, just as it does when the sinful woman in the movie comes in contact with Ringo Kid’s love.

Love, God’s love, even as reflected in imperfect man, is the strongest force in the universe.

It is love, God’s love and God’s grace, that make us whole. What the law could not do for us, God did, by loving us through Jesus Christ.


The Dark Underbelly of the Super Bowl

30 Jan

The Dark Underbelly of the Super Bowl

Enjoy your parties this weekend, guys and gals, but don’t be naive.  There is still a lost world out there that needs Jesus.  


Anti-Gun Mayor Imprisoned after Holding A Man Captive and Firing a Gun . . .

17 Jan

Anti-Gun Mayor Imprisoned after Holding A Man Captive and Firing a Gun . . .

There is so much wrong here . . . where do we begin?

The least of the mayor’s difficulties is firing his gun inside his residence (even with his membership in an anti-gun group).

It seems that, while having his “complex life involving bisexuality” he committed acts of stalking, misuse of government resources (having the police go pick up the person he was stalking–how frightening), unlawful imprisonment (making the stalking victim stay with him for three and a half hours), underage drinking (odd that giving alcohol to a 20-year-old is a crime, while consensual sex with a 20-year-old would not be a crime), attempting to have a sexual relationship with that 20-year-old (non-consensual, therefore a crime, no matter who you are), and bondage.

This is a perfect time for the gay people of good will in our nation to loudly denounce this sort of thing. Just as heterosexual (and gay) men of good will have spent forever saying that it is wrong for men to force non-consensual sex on women. Being an emotional basket case is not an excuse for breaking the law and I am glad this mayor had the book thrown at him.


Five Steps to Fight Porn by Living in God’s Design for Us!

15 Jan

Five Steps to Fight Porn by Living in God’s Design for Us!

Mainly written for men, but too good not to share. God has a design for the human race and when we think we can live outside of it, we get out of balance.

Trying to make life exciting and fulfilling via porn is like walking past a feast that God has given us to go eat mudpies. Really!


Five Ways to Open our Children Up to Porn (they are not what you would think . . .)

15 Jan

Five Ways to Open our Children Up to Porn (they are not what you would think . . .)

This certainly opened my eyes (and I believe 100% in every principle presented here–I just had not tied the lack of these principles to porn involvement in young people).  


Childhood Exposure to Pornography

24 Aug

Childhood Exposure to Pornography

One of the most important posts ever, as my friend Tara presents the best of the best blog entries and research about our children, even Christian children from protective homes, being exposed to explicit pornography, on the average by the age of nine!!!

We are shown how, in teaching our children to google everything rather than to ask us for information, they are learning to enter words they don’t understand, like “sex,” into a search engine. They are then directed to Google images first of all! An innocent quest for information goes astray and a serious addiction may begin . . .

Tara, who is one of the bravest and most compassionate teachers and counselors I have ever met, shares how her childhood innocence was ripped from her by pornographic images that overlaid virtually every activity she observed in her childhood.

It is happening to more and more children now.

In fact, it happened to our son with high functioning autism when he was about six or seven.

He was in our room, sitting on the floor looking at my laptop, while I put some books away in his room down the hallway. He had certain sites on which I allowed him to play as I worked nearby.

Suddenly I heard him say, “Naked people on the Internet!”

I cleared the hallway in about two leaps and was next to him, trying to back out of a four-panel picture of a couple having sex in every possible configuration. I ended up having to turn the laptop off to get out of the website.

How had my sweet, innocent son gotten there? He had a little Steiff chick/duck that was sent to him at birth by a German friend. It was his most loved, most cherished toy. And he had decided, since he had seen pictures of other Steiff chicks online, that he would surprise me by showing me other chicks like his.

Only in his innocence he thought entering chicks. com would get him to the Steiff chicks.

My heart hurts to even say that.

God help us!

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