Is the New Scarlet Letter “A” for “Awkward”?

17 Apr

This post reminds us that we can all say wrong things, unless we go through life as a total introvert, never initiating conversation and rarely responding.

It makes me remember the folks who have said that the new unforgivable sin is being awkward.

Kind of resonates, doesn’t it? I mean, we will tolerate the office gossip, or even bring her close within our social circle, so long as she has good timing in her sarcastic observations.

We will do the same with someone who has a total “potty mouth.” As long as he says things with self-assurance, instead of awkwardness, we are good to go.

We will even forgive moral lapses before we will “forgive” a person who is socially awkward.

I recall a number of years ago when I was at an “awkward” graduation at a small Christian school.

The valedictorian was a very studious girl. When she walked the platform, she got enthusiastic applause from her parents, accompanied by polite applause from everyone else.

Next came the salutatorian, who was somewhat of a party girl (she ended up a single mother within a year of graduation–not knocking single mothers, but just saying that this was a Christian school, after all). This young lady got loud celebratory screams from all directions when she walked the platform.

The contrast could not have been greater. And it broke my heart. Not that a party girl would get applause but that a good student would not get them as well.

But studious people are sometimes socially awkward. Or they don’t care as much about their image so it can seem tarnished with awkwardness.

My prayer is to keep getting better in encouraging people, rather than saying the wrong thing. And my motive is to do that to honor Christ in my relationships to other people.

Hopefully I will never be perceived as awkward, but if I ever am, I hope the people around me will forbear making me wear a scarlet “A.” LOL!


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