Every State but North Carolina now has Non-gendered Bathrooms

11 Apr


As a born again Christian, I found the above link to be immensely helpful in seeing the viewpoints of both the traditional feminist community and the LGBTQ community regarding bathroom usage. I would like to hesitantly side with the traditional feminist community on this issue–the externals are usually clearly male or female and bathroom usage should follow that–but I also see that I am increasingly in the American minority on my views and will have to accede to a plan B. So I will present it here. Skip to the bottom if the background gets too technical for you!

Just to be clear, I view transgenderism as an anomaly. A sad anomaly. I don’t hate transgender people but I regard them as delusional. The fact that other delusional folks are following closely in their footsteps, declaring themselves to be a different race than the one to which they were born or a different age than the one they have attained or disabled when they are not (until they mutilate themselves) shows me that the world is full of sad delusions. We don’t get ahead as a human race by embracing delusions though . . .

I am comforted by the Pope’s encyclical on transgenderism and family life this week. Although Baptists and Catholics don’t always agree, we do here. We have to help transgender people *without joining them in their delusion.

You see, the fact is that intersex people have always existed (one birth in 2000 right now, but perhaps that statistic is not constant, as DNA can be harmed by many environmental factors). So the idea that the existence of intersex people (a birth defect which usually results in being a mixture of both genders anatomically) proves that gender is not binary is nonsense. It is using the exception to disprove the rule. I believe that the LGBTQ community is being disingenuous to advance this argument (“intersex people prove that there are not just two genders”).

Even Jesus said that eunuchs, like the poor, would always be among us. There will always be a subset of people born in a way that makes parenthood impossible and marriage difficult. They have a slightly different life, is all. They are not less valuable than the rest of us. Jesus did not exclude eunuchs from the life of the church, like the Old Testament law excluded them from serving as priests . . .

Disclaimer: I am *not saying that intersex people and transgender people are the same group. They usually are not. I am saying that the argument for transgenderism being a real condition and not a delusion is being (falsely) predicated on the existence of intersex people.

So . . . what do we see by the huge backlash against North Carolina’s new bathroom law? Well, in North Carolina, you have to go into the bathroom that matches your genitals after a certain childhood age. But, by default, the other 49 states and the District of Columbia do *not have this legislation and, therefore, our bathrooms are non-gendered.

Let that work *for you, folks. You can’t legally be asked to prove your gender when you use a bathroom. If you have male genitals but are dressed like a female, you can use the ladies’ room. If you have male genitals and are happily dressed like a man, you can use the ladies’ room, too. Really!

So if you are out with your daughter or granddaughter and don’t wish to take her past a bunch of guys at urinals when taking her to the bathroom, take her into the ladies’ room.

I know many red-blooded American males will feel very strange about that but if your child’s safety is the issue, do it. Practice answering the questions that the uninformed might ask. “Are you a man?” “Do you belong in here?” The answer is, and always remains, “You cannot legally question my gender or whether I belong in this bathroom.”

See, the bathrooms are not just open to transgender people, they are now open to *everybody. And probably always have been, if my previous experience of seeing kids making out in stalls is accurate. LOL!

This will work great at stadiums, too, when the ladies’ bathroom line is too long. We used to wait for the men’s room to clear out, then we posted a guard while we used it. We don’t need to now. Just walk on in. If you are modest and don’t wish to see men at a urinal, don’t look as you walk past to the stalls. If you *are a man and don’t wish to be seen at a urinal, you can use the stalls, too.

Brave new world, folks. We might as well get used to it without fighting an ultimately losing cause.

I do believe this will eventually result in *lots of private (one toilet) bathrooms, but that will take a while as that is expensive. Meanwhile . . . do what you gotta do.

Peace out.

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