We are all Charlie Brown . . .

16 Nov


I love this piece by Leonard Pitts.

If there is a person in this world who has never felt the sudden blush of shame that is so common to Charlie Brown, I have never met that person!

In fact, I believe the statisticians who say that most of us go through adulthood feeling like we are the *only person faking our skills and expertise in a world where everyone else is a skilled, legitimate adult.

Read that again.  We *all feel this way.  And we all hide that feeling for fear that others will find out what a total poseur we are!!!

I am convinced that the most savage attacks on others come *after someone is pushed into a corner and publicly shamed.  That should not be so, but it is.  Those who are bullied come out of the corner fighting.  And often they fight the most powerless person they see, as that person is easy to overcome.

As a milder person, I can bear testimony to that.  On the road, I tend to be the one pushed around by other drivers (I drive fast, but not aggressively, so I seem to be read as the lesser threat in almost every scenario.  I am *constantly tailgated in the right lane!).

So it was that I picked myself up from a Charlie Brown day today and lifted my head for another day.

I wasn’t sure at the time what had happened, but a miscommunication put me in a classroom full of millennial students who had been told they were working on their briefs.  *I had been told I was teaching them.

Imagine starting class with some general comments to which the students responded, then interacting with someone in the front row to give an example of class material and finding that no one else in the place was paying attention!  They were either talking to someone else or huddled over their computers working.

After trying to soldier through for several minutes, including asking for attention, I quietly left class and found their advisor.  It was then I found out about the miscommunication.

It had been surreal.  As though I were invisible.  As though I were being pranked.  As though I were Charlie Brown.

But the upshot is that it doesn’t kill us to be Charlie Brown every once in a while!!!

Now where is that football???


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