Policeman Indicted for First Degree Murder . . .

3 Sep


This story is shocking, especially as it was the second time the officer shot a man to death in dubious circumstances.

Things have changed with oversight of police shootings this year; this time he was ultimately fired.

The pertinent fact is that the man was shot after a scuffle but there was never any evidence presented that he was even the shoplifter who was being sought.

It is possible the “scuffle” was only a man trying to break free while being unexpectedly tackled by a police officer in a Walmart parking lot.  We will find out, I believe.

Even if he was shoplifting, that is not a capital crime.  And even if it were, the state gets to decide for execution, not the individual officer.

There is so much wrong here that I can hardly state it all.  To be handcuffed *after death, especially as the police officer attempts to give CPR (clue:  the person has to be lying flat for that).

I am not sure whether I am glad that the population of Portsmouth waited patiently for a grand jury to be called or whether I am sad that they are so beaten down it seemingly never occurred to them to organize a peaceful protest.  That is one poor and saddened city.

Yes, much is wrong here.

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