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Easter Meditation

28 Aug

Meditation I wrote for our church blog last Easter:

Source: Easter Meditation

Be Sober!

28 Aug

From our church blog (my post):


Source: Be Sober!

Shepherds College

28 Aug

My post on our church blog today!

Tabernacle for Today

11728918_1069070929777470_2639478500691624554_oProverbs 17:17, “A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”

Do you have certain friends or groups of friends who truly refresh your soul? The ones with whom you don’t need to pretend about anything but can just totally be the self that you really are—the one Jesus made you to be but yet the one you are still becoming in Him?

I was blessed just last week to have sweet fellowship with a group of parents all joined together by something we would never have willingly chosen—by having a disabled child.

We were all staying in the same hotel as we checked our children into Shepherds College, a special needs college in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

It blessed my heart (to the bottom of my socks) that first day to sit at breakfast, first with just my son, then a friend of his joined us…

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On Planned Parenthood . . .

25 Aug

I agree with Mr. Wax. I am beyond numb thinking that the sale of a baby’s tissues, sometimes delivered with the heart still beating (that would be *alive,* folks), could elicit a yawn or apathy from *anyone.

Another thought: have we reached such a plane of thinking we are entitled to what others have that we can justify using this tissue even if it *does help with medical research (which remains in doubt . . .)???

On what planet is it okay for me to take something belonging to you because I think I have a better use for it than you do???

Is it really not my circus?

23 Aug

I think I am beginning to say “Not my circus, not my clowns” utterly too much nowadays.

I have always been a passionate and involved person. I have often not hesitated to propose a solution to a problematic situation when I observe one happening. To me, brainstorming and creativity are *good* things, limited only by the tact of perhaps not knowing someone well enough to mess in his personal affairs (see: busybody).

Public affairs are a different matter. When things go awry at work, in the neighborhood, at church, or anywhere else where we are a member of a community, I feel it is necessary to consider brainstorming a creative solution with others there. It has not been my way, up until now, to make statements implying that the circus and the clowns are no concern of mine. However, as I age, I am choosing my causes more and more carefully because:

1) No one person can be a part of solving everything. No one has that much energy. Too many circuses out there, each one full of clowns.
2) No one person can be a part of solving everything because no one is that smart or informed. And if she were, she would be unbearably arrogant as a result. You can’t counsel every clown in every situation because you don’t have the view from God’s height of all their circuses.
3) God seems to have equipped each person with natural skills in certain areas. Those areas tend to *become* her circus. If we stick to those areas, we can be very helpful people.
4) Sometimes the clowns are going to crash their little clown cars no matter what we do. I often, now at 57, see situations that look like slow motion train wrecks about to happen. I realize that, if I say anything, I will be blamed when the crash happens because I predicted it. Some people just can’t be helped until they learn the hard way.
5) Brainstorming and creative problem solving builds community. So we have to narrow down the circuses we will consider joining and concentrate our efforts there. We can’t be everyone’s best friend nor can we join every group of human beings out there, interesting as they may all be.

Still and all, I do believe I am saying “Not my circus, not my clowns” far more than I used to do . . .

A Most Important Article about Academia . . .

15 Aug

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