Things I don’t like about the Facebook Newsfeed . . .

6 Sep

I have much to caution us about from my experience on Facebook.

I have over 1300 Facebook “friends” and have requested a chronological feed (instead of a “main stories” feed, which ranks stories by how Facebook perceives them, not by how I perceive them) every choice I am given. Nonetheless, I only regularly see posts in my feed from friends whom I have made “close friends.”

Note: I did not say I only receive notifications for close friends. I only receive *posts for close friends, unless I purposely go looking on the pages of those others.

That is no way to run a railroad, folks. Apparently Facebook chooses for us our hundred or so most constant contacts and gives us those people in our newsfeed!

I am aware of their algorithms being in existence. So I exist to foil them. Ha ha ha!

One way is to go make everybody in your high school class a close friend. I know, they really aren’t. But do it anyway. Then in a month or so make all your college buddies into close friends and change the high school buddies back to casual friends. You will keep Facebook on their toes if you keep changing your “inner circle.” Let everyone get in it at least once a year!

Also, respond to things you see in your newsfeed. Especially if they are from someone you haven’t seen in a while. It is the law of supply and demand. You get more of that which makes you respond.

And, while we are on the subject, be careful of your “likes.” They give you away politically and skew your newsfeed in a certain direction of which you may not be aware.

Have friends who are conservative *and friends who are liberal? Used to only “liking” the posts from one side of the aisle? Guess what–Facebook will eventually only *give you posts from that side of the aisle. Yes, it is not only social media, it is social engineering. Like getting a newspaper with only your views in it. How do we grow if we never read anyone else’s thoughts?

I will leave you to think about all that. Be careful! As Monk used to say, “It’s a jungle out there.”


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