Unhelpful Things to Say after the Beheading of James Foley . . .

26 Aug


I saw a British jihadist who was interviewed on BBC World News last weekend. He showed some of the fallacies the Western World believes in relation to the extremists of the Muslim faith.

Most chillingly, he plainly said that, even if we don’t come after them in the Middle East, they will remain at war with us. In fact, they will come get us here. They hate our system and want to destroy it.

Remember, a British citizen beheaded an American citizen in Syria last week . . .

One thing about British jihadists is that they don’t agree with the group among us that says, “Well, British jihadists are better off than people in the Middle East–they have more rights in Britain, too.” You see, they don’t compare themselves with citizens of the Middle East. Since they are British citizens, they compare themselves with other British citizens (as they should). And they conclude that they are worse off than other British citizens.

Some of that may be due to self-inflicted isolation within British society at large, but . . . there it is. That is the perception.

These radicalized individuals are very dangerous and . . . they will not grow safer if we ignore them.


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