Let’s Grow Old Together . . .

26 Aug

PhotoScanToday I met my best-friend-for-life for brunch halfway between our two houses (we live almost four hours away from each other) at the Cracker Barrel in Ashland, Virginia, where we have been meeting for, it seems, almost half of our lives. Ha ha!

Kimberly and I met at college in 1977, her freshman year, my sophomore year. From there we started developing a friendship of two people with many similar preferences, but enough differences to spice things up a little. It has only gotten sweeter every subsequent year.

We have interacted in Michigan, our home state, in Virginia, our adopted state, and in London, England, where she visited me for a couple of weeks while I was working at the naval headquarters there. I know, American Navy in London–go figure!

I was her maid of honor in her wedding; she was my matron of honor in mine.

I came to Washington, D.C. for a conference right after the birth of her first child and was able to see the little one several times before I had to return to Germany, where Noel and I were living at that time.

Kimberly and Larry came down right after our Joey was born and visited me in Portsmouth Naval Hospital, where I had an extended stay with the baby for almost a week.

Together, we have probably talked more history and theology than most individuals do in a lifetime with every person in their lives put together.

We have shared books and prayers and recipes.

We even went to a women’s conference together with her church once.

And as I have just had my 56th birthday, I calculated for Kimberly today that I have known her for 37 years. Almost 2/3 of my life. As my eyes are getting to the stage where they need reading glasses (or enlarged type on my iPad), I realize that there are certain things about me that are never going to go back to the way they were when I was 19.

But, oh how precious it is to have not only my husband of 25 years, but my amazing friend and her husband to walk fearlessly into that aging process with me.

Alone, it would be scary for me. But Jesus never asked me to go it alone. He is with me, but He gave me people in the flesh to walk beside me, too.

I think we are going to really kick it in the aging process!

And, when the end comes for the first one of us, we will all remind each other that it is just the beginning . . .

Thank You, Jesus!


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