Being an Aficionado of Classic Films . . .

24 Aug

I have loved old films for as long as I can remember. Probably because, when I was young, bonding with my dad (and sometimes with my mom) came during shared viewing of classic films on “The Late Show” (or even “The Late, Late Show” on very special occasions).

I have had times in my life, especially when I lived overseas, when I watched old films almost constantly. When I first got my VCR, while living in Germany, I rented films from the rental shop on base almost every night. Didn’t understand much German television!

So it is fun to discover that I have married into a family just like my own. When Noel’s nephew, his brother’s son, stayed here with us for three months, we found we have a common passion for classic films. It helped to share that, especially since we are Christians and our nephew is an atheist (although the most tolerant atheist ever–he came to church with us three times a week).

Yesterday, Noel’s 91-year-old aunt explained that Noel and his brother, along with their siblings, get their love of classic films from their mother and her (she is their mother’s sister). As she said, “When we were young, television had not been invented yet. Films were all there were. And we went constantly, as a way to socialize with friends and family.”

Now, these last two summers, I have rediscovered an old friendship with a woman with whom I taught children at Bible study for over five years, back when our kiddoes were little. Patty, too, is from an extended family of classic film aficionados. And they are also all Christians. We knew we had the latter part in common; we have just discovered the film connection!

Patty, her daughter (whom I taught in Bible study), Patty’s sister-in-law Karen (who also was in Bible study with us), Karen’s daughter, and Karen’s father/Patty’s father-in-law all gather on Monday nights during the summer for the Classic Film Festival at our independent cinema, the Naro. They invited me to come along once last year and . . . I got hooked.

There is one film a week for seven weeks–this year I attended five of them and Noel joined us for three. Joey even came once. We meet at the YNot Pizza next door to the cinema at 5:30 so we can eat outside and jump into the line before it gets too long! This is a hard core group. LOL!

What fun it is to share this common interest. I didn’t know that there were that many people who could quote lines from the Golden Oldies with me, let alone that they are all in the same family!!! What a great time we have, as fellow believers in Jesus who have found an outlet for good, clean fun.

This year, we saw Casablanca, Diabolique, East Side/West Side, Rebecca, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The final night, we have an informal “Oscars” night. We, the audience, nearly got “Cat” from Breakfast at Tiffany’s the best supporting actor award as a write-in candidate. That was funny!

God has richly given us all things to enjoy in this life. We are to be a reconciling force for His Name, reconciling people to God as the Holy Spirit works in their hearts. When we glorify God in all things we do, including hobbies, His mandate to us can become a reality in our lives.

Summer is over. I will miss our Monday nights . . .


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