Romantic Comedies in the Golden Age of Hollywood!

13 Aug

Today I took some time out, midday, to watch an old movie on Turner Classic Movies.  After all, it is the station’s Summer under the Stars this month and all (every day is dedicated to a different Hollywood star).  

I noticed something.  I watched “My Favorite Wife” with Cary Grant, which I quickly realized was remade several years later as “Move Over, Darling” with Doris Day.  

Back in that era of twin beds onscreen for married couples (and nothing more than a kiss exchanged onscreen), romantic comedies were almost all about married couples, engaged couples, or couples who were engaged to be married couples by the end of the film.

Yet, even with the temperature turned down on those comedies, and with everyone relating to each other in more-or-less permanent relationships, the romantic comedies of that era are second to none.  

In fact, I think that age of supposed discrimination against women produced more intelligent dialogue between lovers than has occurred since.  

Amazing how the supposed liberation of women to join men in enjoyment of sex outside of marriage or commitment seemed to result in vapid dialogue for both genders in the movies of today.  

I would not trade anything said in the steamy bedroom scenes of our age for the romantic dialogues of Cary Grant, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, or Katharine Hepburn!

I just wouldn’t.  If being that gorgeous and literate equated to oppression of women . . . bring it on! <wink wink>



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