Saying Goodbye to My College Boy . . .

10 Aug

I just dropped our son off in Wisconsin for his second year of education at a post-secondary school for young adults with disabilities. He is in a three-year program.

What a difference a year has made.

Joey made his first close friend last year. Be still, my heart.

What a wonderful day it was when he told me that he had met “someone just like me, Mom. We watch all the same videos. And we memorize many of them, too.” When I asked him whether Jon has autism, Joey responded, “He has never told me that, but I can tell he does . . .”

What a wonderful day.

So this year, we arrived at a hotel with a special rate for family members who were checking students into this college and . . . Joey spotted Jon’s mother in the lobby as we walked in.

He lit up as he realized that meant Jon was there, too.

He followed Jon’s mother up to their room.

Jon lit up when he saw Joey.

They hugged.

What a sweet moment.

The rest of the check-in weekend was the same. Just like when I was in college in a small town north of Detroit and friends turned up everywhere I went.

We were sitting in Culver’s, eating before going shopping for school supplies when Joey texted that information to Jon. Twenty minutes later, Jon and his mother walked in to join us. Joey was surprised and delighted. We ate together and went shopping together.

We met up at the Dairy Queen across from the college the following day.

I got to know Jon’s mother and found a new friend and kindred spirit.

What is not to like?

I am thrilled that my son, upon driving back onto campus this week, said he felt he had come back home. I am thrilled!


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