Being Eccentric!

14 Jul

My best friend gave me a great birthday present this year. She took me to brunch and gave me something she had gotten me at their vacation home in Hawaii. But she also gave me a great verbal present.

I was describing to her my efforts to not age into “becoming an eccentric old lady” when she broke in to say, “But you already *are* eccentric. What’s more, you always have been.”

As I stopped to take that in, she added, “And so am I. Because we both are ladies who love theology. There are hardly any men who love theology, let alone ladies. So people who love theology are eccentric, especially when they are ladies.”

She then tied that present up with a bow by adding, “And it is my favorite thing about you.”

Isn’t it wonderful to have a friend who knows and loves you as you are?–who encourages you to embrace your uniquenesses, even when they make you eccentric!

I just love it. I just love doing life with a friend like that!!!


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