The Six Arguments in Defense of KJV Onlyism

11 Jul

Wading into some writings on the history of Bible translation and how some people came to the conclusion that using any version other than the King James version is a sin! Interesting.


Before I launch into addressing the various elements of King James Onlyism, I thought I would begin by first providing an outline of what I believe are the 6 key arguments King James only (KJVO) advocates use to defend their belief that the King James Version, originally published in 1611, is the only Bible that contains the pure, infallible, and inerrant Word of God. These arguments may not be a complete list, but I know I would incorporate them in my apologetics defending KJV onlyism.

I. The Exclusivity Argument:

KJVO advocates begin with the presupposition: The Word of God Alone = The KJV Alone

If this presupposition is true, the reverse will be true as well: the KJV alone can only be God’s Word alone.

God has given us only one Bible, they claim, not a multitude of Bibles. Only the KJV represents God’s Word, thus, any other translation that…

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