Ready to Get Back to Work . . .

20 Jun

Ready to Get Back to Work . . .

I had my most hopeful interview to date this week at Langley AFB. I would have joined a small team of six trainers on an Air Combat Command contract.

I found out several hours ago that the job went to another candidate.

Too bad. But, though I am disappointed, I am not in despair.

I have been unemployed since December. I know the right job is out there and I am anxious to get back to work.

When depression threatens, I do what I have learned to do over the years that I have walked with the Lord. Meditate on His goodness and remind myself that nothing lasts forever. In fact, I try to imagine myself in six months, working, and I think about the smile that will be on my face then.

My 56th birthday will be Monday. Tomorrow I am going to ride to Northern Virginia so my best friend can treat me to lunch for my birthday.

Sunday we will worship.

Monday I will hit the job search hot and heavy once again.

Lather, rinse, repeat. Life is full of joys and disappointments. But mostly it is full of God and His goodness!


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