How Thin is Too Thin?

15 Jun

How Thin is Too Thin?

I had a glad reality check at Weight Watchers yesterday. There is another gal there who, like me, has lost over 100 pounds. Her name is Stephanie and her exact total is right at 120 pounds. Also like me, she is a Navy contractor who used to be active duty.

My total has been 120 pounds when I was at my smallest (144). My gynecologist actually weighed me in at 264 a couple of months before I went back to Weight Watchers, so I will always have that weigh-in as evidence of how high my weight crept in the end.

However, as the attached photo of me in the red dress shows, even at around 150, I am still plenty slim.

So yesterday Stephanie announced that she had gone shopping with her granddaughters while on vacation and had had a stunning moment when she tried on a pair of pants in size 6 and had to send her granddaughters out to get her a size 4. When she said that, I cheered and clapped, probably more loudly than anyone else!

Yet, I told her later that my wide hips make it less than feasible that I will ever get a pair of pants in size 4. Size 6 if they are loose; size 8 if they are jeans/fitted. That is just how God built me.

And I am glad to note that without the slightest hint of envy. I like who I am and how I look. Stephanie looks fantastic. But we are two different people and our weight loss and maintenance is not a contest.

Better to be there to support each other. It always is.


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