Is the Pro-life Position a Moral One? A Biblical One? Or Just Politics . . .

8 May

I am posting a document I wrote for an online forum with which I interact.  I have scrubbed out all names and references to the identities of other people:

Okay, I just lobbed a hand grenade of a topic out there.  And I truly want to hear what you have to say.

We approached this yesterday.  Rather, you did.  As my deacon has said, for every five people participating in a thread on this forum, there are fifty silently reading.  I was silently reading.  

There were several reasons for that.  First among them was that I had just arrived home from our short vacation and had to unpack, wash clothes, and clean the house.  I was using the computer sporadically all day, but had a lot to do.  

Secondly, the minute I read the wording of the post, I knew I was not going to touch it with a ten-foot pole. Sometimes we just have to be wise and realize that we are not meant to comment on every post.

The question was about being a single issue pro-life voter.  Having been age 14 when the Roe v. Wade ruling came down, I was part of that generation who came of age with legalized abortion rocking our world.  Most of you have never known a world without legalized abortion.  

We are different from you that way–our generations often perceive the issue differently because of the periods of history we have occupied.  And it is easy to caricature us, the older folks who tend to see Roe v. Wade as their only issue in any election (I don’t think that is me, but I certainly look at the pro-life record of every politician. It is my default setting).  

Additionally, a comment was made referring to the March for Life as a “wackfest.”  While I understand that that was meant as a poke at the organizers, not the participants, there is a thin line there.  The March for Life tends to be very dominated by women and they tend to be older, from my generation, remembering their dismay the day the Roe v. Wade ruling came down.  

Knowing all of this cultural background and being able to unpack it logically, I chose not to participate in a discussion that could quickly push me to the sidelines and single me out as being “out of the mainstream on this forum.”  

It is not that I mind being different sometimes (even a lot of the time, as my post on my military career probably showed).  It is just that sometimes I don’t volunteer to be the “different one,” the one out of the mainstream.

We all like to feel we belong . . .

Not all questions on this forum are going to make us feel belongingness.  That is life.

Nonetheless, back to my title, what are your perceptions?  

In a country where 75% of New Hampshire has the pro-choice viewpoint, is the pro-life issue settled by a popular vote?  Or is there more to it than that?  

If it is a moral issue, can you trace it back to the Scriptures?  Where?

Ready, set, go . . .


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