Nights in Rodanthe Redacted . . .

29 Apr

I have been watching Nicholas Sparks movies this week, largely due to a 4-pack that was being sold for one low price at F.Y.E. last week.

I can see the progress from his older movies, A Walk to Remember and Message in a Bottle to his megahit The Notebook.

Then there is Nights in Rodanthe . . .

It is a very atmospheric movie and quite lovely.

However, at this point, Sparks knew that his novels would be turned into movies, didn’t he?  He seems to have written Rodanthe with that in mind.

I see at least four old movies merging in the Rodanthe plot:

1) The theme of strangers getting to know each other in a storm (Key Largo).  Or for other movies where strangers are thrown together in extremis, Bus Stop and Stagecoach.     Life is a journey–we get that.

2) The theme of a man and a woman sharing a house unexpectedly, with sparks flying at first, then becoming sparks of a different kind (The Goodbye Girl).  Bonus round:  both of those movies involve women who have been abandoned and have trust issues.

3) The theme of a couple, finding in each other their perfect mate, only to have one of them die in a humanitarian effort (Love is a Many-Splendored Thing and South Pacific).

4) The theme of love transcending death (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir).

Beautiful movie and I will never forget the house which really stands in Rodanthe, but . . . this one is a combination of satisfying old movies.  It hits all the right places in the heart because it has all been done before.


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