A Drink of Cold Water for the Soul!

17 Apr

A Drink of Cold Water for the Soul!

A Drink of Cold Water for the Soul . . .
Proverbs 25:25, “As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.”
When I see a friend I have not seen in a while, I always think of the verses equating the experience with having a cold, refreshing drink of water.
I had that experience again earlier this year, amidst the snowstorms of February.
In fact, my friend lives in Ohio and was on the road with her daughter, who is an engineering student at Purdue University in Indiana. My friend came down to see me while her daughter was at a conference at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.
They braved a snowstorm to get out of Ohio, ending up unexpectedly in a hotel in Pennsylvania overnight when whiteout conditions hit.
And my friend and I watched the website religiously for the two days she was here, eying another storm heading from the Midwest toward the East Coast.
Travel plans out of here had to be altered. My friend left earlier in the day than expected to get to Williamsburg, an hour north of here, before the East Coast storm started. She left Williamsburg later than planned the following day and ended up meeting her daughter in Washington, D.C. instead of picking her up in Annapolis.
In all of this, I watched in fascination, texting my friend as appropriate while she was on the road. I was never so glad as when she texted me that they had arrived safely home in the Dayton, Ohio area that weekend!
But what delight we had in each other’s company the two days she was here! We had met in our military reserve unit almost 20 years ago. She had influenced me to join the national Bible study that I still attend after 19 years. We have both taught ladies’ Bible study and enjoy a great theological discussion.
We went to a tearoom in the town where she used to live down here for a fancy lunch . . . and we could have stayed there talking all afternoon, just like in the old days!
A treasured friend, and one who encourages me to come outside of myself and my own petty concerns of the day to behold the greatness of our God!
A refreshing drink of cold water indeed!


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