What About Intentional Stewardship of the Earth?

10 Apr

For those of us who equate the mandates given by God to Adam and Noah in Genesis with responsible stewardship of the Earth’s resources, have you projected that into any changed practices in your own life?

I have been reading lately about the idea that cheap food (which we Americans tend to demand) ends up costing someone *else* for production, if not us.  

I mean, if we were to get what we pay for, we would have totally unregulated food with all manner of garbage in it.  So, if we get food that is produced according to responsible and safe rules and . . . we still get that food cheaply, then someone else has borne those costs for us, right?

So . . . for those of us who value nutritious food that is natural instead of processed, or even organic food sometimes, or even meat raised and slaughtered humanely sometimes . . . that costs more.  And why should we not bear the costs for our own good nutrition?  Why are we always expecting someone else to subsidize us?  Especially if that someone is a worker on an industrial farm in Africa who is making pennies a day to harvest coffee beans or cocoa beans to feed a habit that should be more expensive for us than it is?  The reason we can get cheap coffee or cheap chocolate is that little kid who is working instead of being in school and who is often making less than a dollar a day.     

Clothing is the same way.  Natural fibers that last longer cost more.  Well-made clothing that does not fall apart after five wears costs more.  Why fight it?

In fact, if we want to go with things that last, denim lasts longest of anything I have found.  Since I lost weight, I am finding that clothes tend to last forever when not stretched by a body pushing against all the wrong places in them. Jeans are totally that way.  When I was thin before, I would buy new jeans about once a year, usually because of seasonal weight gain that stressed the waistline.  Now that I have evened out and not gained weight in almost a year and a half, some jeans I have owned for almost 20 years and wear several times a week look . . . well, like new.  

It seems as though good stewardship of my body might have a lot to do with good stewardship of my clothes.  🙂

Which leads to a sidebar discussion . . . do the Christians who insist that women wear dresses 24/7 have any idea how much cheaper it is to dress in denim/jeans?  Are we perhaps putting a stringent rule on the poorer women who join our congregations–a rule that Peter and the apostles themselves would not have laid on them during the first century councils that were held to determine what was essential and what was not?  

Just a thought . . .


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