A Prequel To Gone With The Wind Is Coming

1 Apr

Good thoughts on the prequel to Gone with the Wind. Yes, it is good, with today’s values, to write a backstory for Mammy. That was something that Margaret Mitchell left out in the 1930’s that jumps out at us now. But, in doing that, the book becomes “not Margaret Mitchell” and we have to understand that, too.
So does Gone with the Wind belong to the author or to the ages?
Legally, it belongs to her estate and . . . they must need the money because they authorized the prequel.

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I’ve never quite understood why readers would be interested in a sequel (or prequel) written by someone other than the original novel’s author.

Essentially, it’s glorified fan fiction. I could go out and write 300 pages of a novel called 1985 but how would I, or anyone, really know if George Orwell would bless such a sequel.

All that to tell you that an authorized prequel to Gone With The Windwill be released in October. The prequel, written by Donald McCaig, is called Ruth’s Journey. The story will focus on Mammy, who has been given the name “Ruth” by McCaig, and her journey from Haiti to Georgia.

McCaig has made a career out of the Gone With The Wind story. He wrote an authorized prequel called Rhett Butler’s People in 2007. The only other authorized prequel or sequel to Gone With The Wind was the much-pooped-upon Scarlett sequel, written…

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