When Families Facing Autism Also Face Isolation . . .

16 Mar

When Families Facing Autism Also Face Isolation . . .

I remember one of the sweetest compliments I ever received came from a female admiral in my Navy community who, seeing Joey walking on the beach with Noel and me during a Navy “wetting down” celebration, told me how much she admired us for bringing him to as many events as we did.  

She said there had been children with autism in her extended family and they were kept hidden, out of the public eye. 

We couldn’t do it any other way.  I am a fairly social animal!!!

Even when Joey had a hard time handling gatherings like this wetting down, we would just take a half hour off and go walking down the beach, hand in hand with him.  

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.


One Response to “When Families Facing Autism Also Face Isolation . . .”

  1. Christina Rohrer March 17, 2014 at 12:48 AM #

    “Miss. Christina, does Nov. 28th 1978 mean anything to you?” Incapable? And, what is it that the world values, so, that he is so incapable of? I grew-up knowing only a small handful of individuals with handicaps/special-needs/mental differences, but those I met were forceful & angry; it ingrained a definition on my heart. Joey, along with several others at Church of the Messiah, humbled my heart so that I cried at my thought process & realization of it’s own foundational defects, though raised in a Christian home. I thank the Lord for Joey because he taught me SOO much, humbled me so significantly, gave me experiences of love and ‘true’ beauty that I hold close to my heart & have shaped who I am today. Your willingness to share him has made me a better person:) We, 3 of 5 kids & I, actually listened to a radio sermon this morning taught by a blind man who shared his struggles & experiences. Thanks to Joey I was able to it to my kids; how ‘normal people’ often teach in arrogance & was able to explain God’s definition of ‘normal.’ The FACT that people, like Joey, are so obviously created for a clear purpose & in love, just as we with seeing eyes, no need for cane, cognisant reasoning, no handicaps, ability to know Christ are as well, but often times feel superior in their self/teaching, or more whole; our Creator has a very different set of eyes to ‘normal.’ Joey is among that handful that taught ME how to properly teach my children about ‘normal!’ It is beyond difficult to raise a child to be respectful, loving, independent & God fearing with every capability awarded to them. What you have gifted us, and the world with, took more patience, more love, more humility…it’s worth stretches beyond the efforts & our Amazing Joey, at the very least in me, has already proved to be world changing! That’s why I thank you for being you & nothing less is SOO much more than most & me!

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