Joining the Adult Table . . .

5 Mar

I sent the following note to my aunt on Facebook this morning.  I have been contemplating, at 55, the jump to “the adult table” that we all experience at some point in our young adulthood, at least if we have grown up in a family that hosts large, intergenerational gatherings.  And when I do contemplate this, I smile  . . .

“Aunt Barb, Can I just say that one of my happiest parts of being on Facebook has been getting back in touch with you and your family!!! When I was younger, for some reason I always thought I had to relate to my aunts and uncles via my parents (maybe because we always had an “adults” and a “kids” table at every holiday so I didn’t realize I could have a direct relationship with you guys). Then a few years ago I went shopping at the outlets in Grandville with my mom, sister, and Aunt Sally. Aunt Sally and I ended up grabbing a coffee at Barnes and Noble and I found myself thinking, “She is so nice. Why have I never just sat down with her for a talk before?” And I am thinking the same thing about you when we post back and forth on Facebook. Thanks for keeping me up on what is going on!!!!!”

Isn’t family the best?  I am made of such stuff as I never let a relationship go on my end.  I have friends who go back to elementary school.  People from every decade of my life.  And I still count so doubly dear the ones who belong to me in the bond of blood relationship.    





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