A Journey Away From Cynicism

24 Feb

This is beautiful. I don’t want to be part of the mudslinging and anger in this country either. And both political parties are culpable in this!

Sowing Mercy

I was discouraged and disheartened after the election of President Obama in 2012. Not primarily because he was reelected; I did vote for Mitt Romney with reluctance.

But I was weighed down by the prolonged, cynical effort to throw Obama out of office. There are legitimate reasons to oppose his policies and actions as president. Among his many real failures and offenses as president are his handling of Bengazi, the overreach of the NSA, his attempt to get into newsrooms around the country in the guise of a “Study,” his botched launch of the Affordable Care Act. However, many like to roll in the mud of innuendo and lies, with several shots of vitriol to spice it up.

The other side is equally as cynical. During the fall of 2013, I picked up a magazine published by the Union at Meijer Stores. It was filled with scathing lies and vitriol…

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