Places as Characters in Movies . . .

15 Feb


I think my favorite type of movie is rapidly becoming those featuring a specific house or building as a character in the drama.  

You know the type I mean:  movies where use of an apartment (in areas like New York City where it is difficult to find a reasonable place) features in the action.  Movies like “The Apartment” or “The Goodbye Girl.”  

But how much better when the building is an actual historic place, with all of the cumulative stories inherent in its walls?  And even better when the movie involves time travel.  Yes, I am talking about “Berkeley Square” with Leslie Howard time-traveling within the walls of a London townhouse.  What a totally dramatic concept!  

I am sure this movie served as an early model for the time travel of “Somewhere in Time,” made later in the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island in Michigan.  

It also probably served as the model for the Gothic series “Dark Shadows” in the U.S. in the 1960’s.  That series had both an old house and time travel, too (and preservation of one character for several centuries).

What a delicious concept.  To the Christian, not a theologically feasible one, but a delicious concept for a movie, nonetheless.  

If only the walls of old houses really could talk and share all of the stories of the ages . . .


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