Why Do Some People Trash their own Houses?

14 Feb

I will admit to being terminally OCD in some ways.  Not disabled by OCD.  But held in its grip tightly enough that some things the human race does will never make sense to me.

Having a son with autism, I understand that disabled people sometimes accidentally (or even purposely) ruin something nice that we would rather have intact.  

Having recently watched both of the seminal movies on alcoholism, “The Lost Weekend” and “The Days of Wine and Roses,” I understand that those caught in the throes of alcohol or drug addiction might be destructive sometimes, too.

But why would someone who is supposedly normal be that destructive?  Why, after saving for months or years to buy something nice, would someone wantonly trash it, or be so negligent of it that it gets broken due to carelessness?

I can never understand that.  I am so protective of our hard earned cash, and of the things we buy with it.  

Oh, yes, I understand that if we give someone a present, say a doll for a child and the arms get torn off the following day, it has nothing to do with us.  Once you give the gift, you release it for whatever use (or nonuse) the other family has for it.  

But I still don’t understand why someone would purposely go through a room tossing things on the floor and breaking a number of them.  Even if on the verge of divorce.  After all, you bought that stuff together and you have to divide it up.

I see this enough in films that I know it really takes place.  For example, in “Of Human Bondage” when Bette Davis trashes her benefactor’s flat, then burns his savings bonds (that are sending him through college and providing the roof over both of their heads).  What is that all about?

And, yes, I have really heard of friends pitching things around their homes in fits of anger.  

My only question remains “why?”


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