Bill Nye the Evolution Guy vs. Ken Ham the Creation Man

10 Feb

Last week’s livestreaming debate at the Creation Museum in Kentucky (Cincinnati metro area) was a vital part of my week’s cultural schedule.  In a week filled with Olympics (and Oscar month at Turner Classic Movies), I set aside two and a half hours to watch the debate.

It was very good.  As a non-science person (I regard BS’s as science people and BA’s as history people–I am in the latter category), I learned a lot.  I also heard some information I knew before be rearranged into some new and compellingly coherent points.

You can’t cover the entire geography and history of the earth in two and a half hours.  Neither man tried to do that.  There were criticisms by people whose favorite points were not brought up. That just leaves us other conversations to have in the future.

In the end, I am not sure anybody’s worldview was changed.  But there was a clear presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which may have been Ken Ham’s priority in the debate anyway!

It did seem as though the audience, in Kentucky and online,  may have been made up mostly of Christians.  Some came to the debate siding with Ken Ham (tending to be the older, creationist set).  Some came to the debate siding with Bill Nye (tending to be the younger, theistic evolution set).  

As someone who tried on the “fashion” of theistic evolution at one time (I wasn’t convinced that it happened, but I simply claimed we couldn’t know for sure whether God worked through special creation in seven days or theistic evolution in seven million years.  And I arrogantly added that it did not matter), I noted just one point made in the debate that covers that entire dimension.     

What brought me out of the theistic evolution camp, even as a possibility, is its theological impossibility.  God has not left that option open for Christians.  

If dinosaurs and other species died out before man arrived on earth, then physical death preceded sin.  That doesn’t work theologically.

God is capable of doing anything but He refuses to contradict Himself.  It is more likely that He created an “old universe” (meaning the starlight that we see today from stars millions of light years away was already put “in process” when He created the universe.  Some of the geological strata may be the same way).  

Did He do this to fool us?  No, but that we might have faith.  Even those who believe in evolution usually cede that evolution requires a leap of faith.  

And so we leap.  Into Bill Nye’s camp or into Ken Ham’s camp.  

We believe and we leap. 


One Response to “Bill Nye the Evolution Guy vs. Ken Ham the Creation Man”

  1. Michael Snow February 10, 2014 at 12:01 PM #

    “If dinosaurs and other species died out before man arrived on earth, then physical death preceded sin. That doesn’t work theologically.” Where does it say that in the Bible? The reference to death refers to Adam (mankind).

    Of course, an old earth does not prove evolution. And there are many lines of evidence for the age of the earth. Luther and Calvin called Copernicus a heretic based (wrongly) on the Bible.
    Here is an excellent video on the relationship of natural and special revelation.
    See Augustine’s comments

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