Gayness and Propaganda . . .

7 Feb

Gayness and Propaganda . . .

Just this!

India has laws against homosexuality, re-established within the last year.  The posted article is from the Times of India. 

Russia has a “gay propaganda law” which prohibits gay adults from speaking about their sexual orientation to minors.  It is regarded as a child’s right to be gay, or not, once he has reached the age of adulthood.  No one is to speak of any other kind of sexuality than heterosexuality to him before that.

That is consistent with Russia’s laws, throughout the years, banning people from teaching religion to minors.  They also said about that issue that it is up to the child to decide for himself when he becomes an adult.  

To me, the Russians are incredibly consistent in not wanting to indoctrinate children with things that they believe should be decided by adults.  

I understand that, for those who believe you are born gay, this seems to isolate children who experience a gay identity from a young age.  

But it is really not an issue for our U.S. athletes, gay or straight.  Even if they are minors, they are protected by virtue of being on our team.  They don’t lose their right to speak out just because they are on Russian soil.  

We need to remember that.  This is a debate internal to Russia.  


One Response to “Gayness and Propaganda . . .”

  1. Karen McSpadden February 9, 2014 at 12:17 AM #

    While I agree with keeping the focus of the Olympics on the games and not politics, be careful not to paint Russia’s “propaganda” law too kindly. There are serious and well-documented human rights abuses going on against the LGBT community and that doesn’t need to be glossed over for the sake of friendly competition. I do not plan to boycott the games but I hope it will provide a framework for discussion of what happens when the government tries to externally (and, therefore, artificially) enforce sexual morality.

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