Unanswered Questions in the Ham vs. Nye Debate

5 Feb

I happen to believe that Ken Ham’s emphasis last night was a calm, clear, engaging (non-hateful) presentation of the gospel. Perhaps to help make up for the times overly emotional Christians have flung the gospel in a sinner’s face.
Of course, there was more he could say. Other creation organizations can move forward in those other areas, like the one in the enclosed post has tried to do.

Dean H. Taylor

I enjoyed watching the debate last night between Ken Ham “The Creation Bloke” and Bill Nye “the Science Guy.”  In discussing the debate afterward with family and friends, some on the creationist side expressed disappointment that Ken Ham did not answer several of the questions that Bill Nye raised.  That may have been Ham’s chosen debate tactic, but it would have been helpful to observers to hear the creationist answers.  Thankfully, Creation Ministries International wrote a commentary about the debate and included a list of responses to the unanswered questions, along with links to articles.  It is here.

I have not read the linked articles, but intend to.

Hope this helps those who may be looking for these answers.

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