Old Spice

5 Feb

Old Spice

I recently used up some spices that had been around the house for over a decade. In one case, saffron, it was over 30 years, as it was the remnants of my first saffron purchase back in the early days of my Navy career (when I learned to make paella after a deployment to Spain).

Saffron is expensive. You don’t throw it out. And, if it has been stored correctly, even during moves, it doesn’t go off.
So that saffron survived three subsequent Navy moves.

Nothing wrong with old spices, if treated well.

Nothing except they are not fresh. My new saffron is noticeably peppier in paella.

You see, the idea of eating something that has been dead for over thirty years (since it was cut from a living plant) is kind of creepy, isn’t it?

So is the idea of eating meat that has been frozen in the freezer for a couple of years. Technically, nothing is wrong with it. But the thought of it dying so long ago is kind of weird.

I once had a friend who gave a talk entitled “Fresh Bread” about teaching the Bible. She said that, just as the ancients baked their bread fresh every day, so our presentation of the Scriptures to our students must always issue forth from a renewed heart. She was not big on using the same sermon or teaching notes over and over again throughout the years.

I am not either. I once dropped a Bible teacher’s classes because it became apparent he had settled into using the same notes to teach for over twenty years. He could’ve just emailed them to me for the same effect (very little effect–he didn’t engage the heart because his heart didn’t appear to be engaged).

Let’s remember that. Christ is always fresh and new. Our teaching on Him must be, too. It must issue from a renewed heart in Christ.


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