The Theology of The Lost Weekend

3 Feb

The Theology of The Lost Weekend

I saw The Lost Weekend for the first time tonight and was very glad that it finally presented a message of redemption at the end (in the way Hollywood has traditionally presented such messages, as a “love conquers everything” sort of twist).

I was amazed at the way the addiction to alcohol was presented, quite realistically, I am sure. The main character’s despair at dawn “when the bars are closed and the liquor stores are not yet open” was almost palpable. What a raging force alcoholism must be inside of a person!

I recall a theology professor once saying that part of the hellishness of hell will probably be that addicts are still addicted throughout eternity, with no means of satisfying their cravings for alcohol, drugs, or sex. Wow!

My addiction was to food, for many years of my life. As you can see from the photograph, I have currently learned to control that addiction (since you can’t quit eating cold turkey!). I will, however, have to track my food for the rest of my life on Weight Watchers. I know my own tendencies to excess far too well.

Two and a half years ago, I weighed almost 120 pounds more than this. I can recall pleading with God every morning of 2011 to help me find the key to losing the weight I had piled on following the administration of steroids for chemotherapy associated with breast cancer at age 49.

He showed me. It was hard work to lose the weight, but He showed me how to do it and stood by me as I did.

Oddly, I have never been so hungry (starved of nutrients) as I was when I stuffed myself full of every carbohydrate in sight back in the bad old days. It was like I was never full, even after eating a half gallon of ice cream or half a package of Oreos. No wonder–my food was mostly processed food back then.

Praise God for a better way. No more sodas. Very few processed foods or sweets. And freedom to remain a foodie (I love to chow down, even now) without damaging my body or my health. It is almost impossible to consume too many fruits and veggies!!!

Thank You, Lord, for showing me the way out of food addiction. And, if I ever fall again in that area, your ways will still suffice. You delight to deliver addicts from their addictions.


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