Sharing Jesus in Cheesy Ways

30 Jan

Sharing Jesus in Cheesy Ways

One thing I truly appreciate about most homeschooled kids is that they tend to understand and even treasure intergenerational relationships.

Not so much with public or even private schooled kids.

I often see their inability, when out walking, to even make eyecontact, let alone speak, when an older person greets them. Since I am pretty connected socially to many others, I have to assume the rolled eyes when two teens meet me on a sidewalk are more reflective of their lack of ability to conceive of a relationship with a person in her 50’s than of anything I have done to offend them by saying “hello.”

That said, my generation, by being two generations older than these teens, can come across as cheesy or hokey no matter what we do sometimes. Sometimes you are just not going to escape the mantra, no matter what.

Some of our old ways of sharing the Lord come across the same way. This post deals with a skywriter and the reactions he elicited at Disney World.

I totally agree with the final question. Are those who are rolling their eyes at skywriters actually sharing Jesus with others or just their cynicism?

Can terminal cynicism be deadly?

I actually do not buy off on the hipster mantra that you have to gain someone’s trust before you evangelize them. That would be limiting God to one evangelism tool in a box of tools that belong to Him, not us (He could still send an angel, after all. He doesn’t need us). If we don’t gain someone’s trust, He might gain it anyway!!!

I often challenge those who see my tract distribution as terminally uncool to tell me their methods that work better to reach others for Christ. Not surprisingly, not many answer that question with anything other than mumbled platitudes.

We need each other. We need to use every tool and every method God has out there.

And we don’t need to be blushing in embarrassment at our fellow Christians, plotting how to hide them in a broom closet so our cool friends don’t see them. Really!


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