Gang Rape as Punishment for Dating within the Wrong Community

24 Jan

So what to make of the village council in West Bengal, India that set a gang upon a woman who had dated a man from another community to punish her via gang rape?

The victim apparently still lies in the hospital, very gravely wounded.

The village council leader and twelve others have been arrested.


This is approximately one year after a young professional woman was raped till she died of her injuries, on a public bus elsewhere in India.  

Rape is violence.  But in the first case I’ve described, rape was doled out as punishment, too. Punishing someone by injuring her and putting her very near death.  

Last year’s gang rape actually did kill someone.

How barbaric.  

Still think that all religions are equal?

I don’t blame people for giving up on religion when it is violent and sexually twisted and misogynistic.  

There is no hope in religion if it does not teach us that all men (and women) are made in the image of God and that God cares enough about them to pursue them and to woo them back to Himself from their fallen state.  

Indeed, only one religion provides that assurance.  

Only Jesus Christ is the hope of this fallen, sin-strangled earth.  


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