Google Glass and the End of Racism

13 Jan

Very interesting article about Google Glass and its potential to level the playing field, especially in relation to race.

Hunter Baker

Brand dominates everything in our social and commercial lives.  I have a massive attachment to the Honda brand.  I have come to associate it with cars that offer durability, reliability, and fuel efficiency at a reasonable cost.  As a result, I bought my last three cars from the company.  My family has been similarly affected.  Between my parents, my sister and her husband, and my wife and me, we have purchased about 12 cars from Honda in the past quarter century.  It has become our go-to brand.  Why don’t we re-evaluate the whole thing every time there is a buying decision?  Because information, once we believe we can rely upon it, is like an investment that pays off for years to come.  Once you know something, you can worry about figuring out other matters. 

When we think about brand and automobiles, the association is pretty non-threatening.  Of course, we will…

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