My Weight Loss Journey – by Mary Martin

26 Dec

This is an old post from when I was about halfway through my weight loss in 2012. Love the before and “progress” pictures.

savage taste

I had breast cancer four years ago.  Although I have spent a career as a naval officer, my weight had crept up just prior to my diagnosis and the steroids given to me with my chemotherapy caused me to balloon an additional forty pounds.  I spent the next three and a half years trying to figure out how to lose my excess weight as painlessly as possible.  I tried various things, but never stuck with anything for long.  I was beginning to wonder whether I could become a candidate for bariatric surgery and just give up trying to control my weight by way of diet and exercise.

I eventually remembered that I had previously lost fifty pounds via portion control (about fifteen years ago) and had actually kept it off successfully for around a year and a half, until I slid back into sloppy old habits of consuming large portions…

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