R.I.P., Nelson Mandela!

6 Dec

R.I.P., Nelson Mandela!

Forgiveness and reconciliation are not an exact science. None of us practice these disciplines perfectly. But that does not negate the need to try.

Nelson Mandela tried to live a life of forgiveness and reconciliation.

When he got out of prison after 27 years and became South Africa’s leader, there were many who urged him to “get a pound of flesh” from the whites in South Africa to make them atone for the sin of the apartheid system and for imprisoning Mr. Mandela.

He refused those calls and tried to set up a government that would benefit all, not just one race.

He could easily have caved and tried to craft a nation where blacks were now advantaged, as they had been downtrodden before.

For his leadership in this area of forgiveness and reconciliation, I honor him today.


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