Here Comes the Bride!

4 Dec

We are attending a wedding this weekend.  A Christmas season wedding.   

I have decided I love the entire unveiling process.  Not just the part where the veil is drawn back for the first kiss.  There is much more to it than that.

This is not a post about the theology of weddings.  That post may happen another day.  

No, this post is about the ritual of families getting together to watch two young adults, whom you remember back to childhood, unite their lives together.  

Since we have known both sets of parents forever (probably the first time we have attended a wedding where that is the case), I have made the unveiling a special process in my mind.

I asked the mother of the groom to not post pictures of her dress on Facebook until after the ceremony.  The bride’s mother wasn’t going to do that anyway.  I told them both I don’t want to know the colors until the wedding either.  I have a couple of guesses, since it is the Christmas season after all, but I will wait to see what the actual choice is.  

I am building this up because I have a mental picture of how both mothers will look and . . . I want to look up and be surprised by how they actually do look when their sons walk them up the aisle.

They have worked hard to get into shape for this wedding and to find their own beautiful dresses for it.  I want that to be a breathtaking moment for a few of us who have been part of that process!

I see it as a chance to ooh and aah over the prettiest mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom ever.  

And then, as is appropriate, to turn and watch the face of the groom as the prettiest bride ever walks up the aisle!!!

Color me “ready for a celebration”!!!



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