Fighting the Big “C”

4 Dec

I visited a friend’s home today to drop something by while she was at her oncologist’s.  While standing at her door, talking to her son, I used the phrase “fighting with all she’s got” about his mother.  I also said how 2008 was the year I “fought cancer with all I’ve got” via surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

I then thought about those of us who believe in God’s sovereignty.  Why do we use phrases like “fighting with all we’ve got”???  Why not just stay still and let a sovereign God take care of things one way or the other?  Either we live or we die, right?  He’s got this in hand so why do we need to fight at all, let alone “with all we’ve got”???

The answer, my friend, within the multifaceted mysteries of the universe which we will never unravel in this life, is that God, in His sovereignty, chooses to use man to further His will.  Not always, but much of the time.  He uses man as His instrument much more than He visibly uses the angels in our world.  He makes it apparent in His Word that He expects to use us, that that is His intended method to reach out to a lost world.  He then does just that.

So, if a sovereign God planned for me to go out visiting the lost and to win one of them to Him on Saturday morning, I had better get with His program, eh?

Likewise, if a sovereign God planned that in 2008 I would get cancer and fight it with everything I’ve got, then it was good that I followed His plan and fought.  Yes, He is sovereign.  Yes, He planned to save my life.  But He wanted me to be part of the process.  I didn’t disobey Him by fighting hard and not “resting in Him.”  And my friend isn’t disappointing Him either.  

He intends for her to fight like a warrior princess right now!  

You go, girl!!! 




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