God Bless the P.I. (Philippine Islands)

13 Nov

I have been glued to the BBC for the past 48 hours as the humanitarian rescue event in Tacloban has commenced following Typhoon Yolanda last Friday.  

It is now Wednesday morning here, or about midnight Wednesday night there.  The typhoon roared through early Friday morning for them.  Almost six days ago.  Many have not had food, water, or medicine since.  The typhoon tore apart almost every structure in Tacloban, a city of 200,000, and with it, took their goods, typhoon kits, etc.  Nothing could have prepared them for the wall of water that met them, unless they had evacuated the entire city.  Only a handful of buildings are still standing.  

With the U.S.A.F.’s arrival last night to clear the runway of the airport for 24-hour operations, a great leap forward happened, and I rejoiced.  About a third of Tacloban’s families got food and water kits yesterday.  People are starting to get out on flights to other places, too.

But it is premature to think the suffering is over and it is premature to stop paying attention.  People are still pleading, in tears, for the world to help them.  A young male teacher was doing that on the B.B.C. just a few minutes ago.

Children are still in danger of dying from lack of water and from disease.  

In fact, Tacloban is the large city that is being aided first.  There are any number of towns and villages on nearby roads and islands that are completely closed off, still, due to fallen trees and wreckage.  

This was the typhoon with the highest winds that ever hit land.  And it was a superstorm, miles and miles across, that did not relent and go away once it hit.  It took hours to pass over the P.I.

Please don’t forget the P.I.  They say maybe 2500 have died, but we don’t know for sure until we break through to some of these other areas.  God cares about every individual.  Even the young and the elderly in the tiniest burg in the P.I. matter to Him!!!

Let’s keep going and keep giving, via our charities of choice! 




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