Of God’s Word and Vampires . . .

24 Oct

When I was about nine years old, my friend Agnes and I used to sneak into her basement every night after school to watch the forbidden Gothic soap opera, Dark Shadows.  A lot of our friends did the same, for there were lots of parents who did not think it wise to let us watch a show with vampires and werewolves, even if it was on during the afternoon.

I have recently been rewatching some of that show on Netflix.  It is tame by today’s standards.  But it does deal with the theme of vampires, the undead, those who could wish to die but never would be able to do so.

I recently saw the part where Julia Hoffman, the doctor/researcher, reveals that she has figured out that Barnabas Collins is a vampire.  She shows her hand by subtly pulling her compact out of her purse at his house and pretending to powder her nose, while noting that Barnabas does not reflect in her mirror.

Well played scene.  I had no idea that Julia had figured things out until I saw that mirror come out . . .

Barnabas shows the effects of the sin nature in man as it leads to death . . .

The Bible clearly teaches, in John and several other places, that God is light.  It teaches that, as we come to God, we come to the light.

Yet Barnabas stays in his coffin all day to avoid daylight.

The Bible teaches that God’s words are a mirror for us to hold up to see what we look like spiritually and to see how we can turn away from sin.  

Yet Barnabas does not even reflect in a mirror.

Sin can take us so far that it dumps us at death’s doorstep.  The show Dark Shadows shows us how.  

Perhaps it is a moral tale, after all.  


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