Riffing on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), AKA Obamacare, Part II

22 Oct

Did you notice the Catch-22 that the supporters of the ACA got into while the government was shut down these last two weeks?

The president and his supporters did not want to vote on any issues about Obamacare.  He was hard over on that one.  

The Republicans were calling for a vote to delay the individual mandate for the ACA for one year, the way the President has delayed the corporate mandate for one year (without a vote–it was his decision).  

So . . . he gave companies permission to have an extra year to cover their employees.  But the employees have to be covered by February of 2014.  He would not hear of bringing that part to a vote.

Then . . . the problems with the enrollment software surfaced.  That would have been the perfect time to announce that individuals, like companies, would have an extra year to get on board. 

But, no.  Everyone up in D.C. seems to have developed a stubborn streak the size of the Grand Canyon during that two week period.  They were all Alpha Males (eye roll). 

And here is where the Catch-22 occurred.  While trumpeting the supposed virtues of the insurance coverage to be obtained in the marketplace, the President refused to give way to people who would not or could not get their coverage in place by February 2014.  

Let me get this straight.  We are talking about millions of people with no health insurance who are supposed to be thrilled with what the marketplace offers them.

If so, why would they wait a year, even if they were given an extra year to get enrolled? Why would an uninsured person choose to remain uninsured in the face of such a good deal?  Ya know?

Maybe it’s because it doesn’t turn out to be such a good deal after all.  But those of us who are already paying for health care insurance knew that was coming.  There will be shared pain and sacrifice across the board here, even for those who have previously not had health insurance.  

Now they are required to get it.  By February.   


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