This Post on Toxic Relationships is Getting Reposted Everywhere This Week!

18 Oct

I can give a witness to this post, even as a layperson!

My first five decades have taught me that there can be problems (“can be” not “must be”) with people who absolutely adore me the minute they meet me.

It can happen that there is no space for the relationship to get better, only worse.

Or it can be that the person has a pattern of hero worship, where he or she adores you for a while, then moves on to their next object of adoration, either dropping you like a rock or even hating you just as strongly as he or she once adored you.

All of this speaks of our need for Christ-centered relationships so when people do all of these things within our relationships, we can still stand firm in Christ and pray for them.

I don’t think most toxic actions are premeditated. They happen due to people moving through a fallen world with no concept of how their own hearts operate. There are millions of people out there whose only analysis in life is about how everything must be someone else’s fault!

Be wise! Be warned! And pray without ceasing!


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