Returning to the Scene of the Crime . . .

12 Oct

Returning to the Scene of the Crime . . .

I went to the drugstore across the street from our subdivision this morning. It was probably only the sixth time I have gone in there since I started my 120 pound weight loss almost two years ago.

I had something very specific to look for today. Otherwise, I have taken to doing most of my shopping elsewhere, chiefly on the base where I work.

The drugstore was far too convenient for me when I was heavy. It has so many high calorie, high fat foods and so few healthy alternatives. It was very normal for me to stop in there to buy one thing and to end up buying 2-3 “treats” to go with my original item. I think I took any excuse I could get to go in there . . .

Needless to say, I mostly avoid it now as the scene of the crime. I mean, it doesn’t tempt me the way it once did, but there is just very little to entice me to go in there these days.

And when I went there before, I was known as “Joey’s mom.” Joey, my special needs son, was kind of adopted by most of the staff over there as “their” kiddo. Joey is away at college now.

So it was that today I went up to ask a question of a staff member who had talked to me regularly two years ago and saw that half-light of recognition come on in her eyes. She was struggling. “I am supposed to know you somehow, but how???” It had been a long time. And Joey wasn’t there.

And then I looked overhead at the mirror that lines the ceiling, wall to wall, at the back of the store. I have always loved that mirror, even when I was heavy. It is a flattering mirror. I never felt ugly in it, even as a woman fitting the medical definition of obese.

But today–what a contrast. Whereas before it had shown a plump woman laboring a bit to get to the back of the store, today it showed a tall, thin woman moving in one fluid motion to the back of the store. My hair was different. My glasses were different.

No wonder! The store employee truly had not recognized “Joey’s mom” from before. I went back, after I checked out, to update her on Joey. I figured she would put two and two together when I did . . .

Couldn’t find her. Maybe next time!!!


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